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Dianne Reeves

Dianne Reeves has had a rather confusing career. Blessed with a very attractive voice and the ability to be the premiere jazz singer of this era, Reeves seems reluctant to stick to jazz. Her recordings are often rather schizophrenic affairs, rarely reaching the heights of her exciting live performances. Reeves sang (and recorded) with her high school band and was encouraged by Clark Terry, performing with him while a college student at the Univesity of Colorado. She did session work in Los Angeles starting in 1976, toured with Sergio Mendes (1981) and Harry Belafonte (1984), and first started recording as a solo artist in 1982, soon becoming a familiar name on the festival circuit. Finally, in 1994, after shifting back and forth between jazz, pop, and African music, Reeves started to commit herself more to jazz, recording the first of several strong jazz sets for Blue Note. Scott Yanow

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