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Samantha Siva

Jazz contemporary vocalist Samantha Siva is a new millennium wonder, culminating jazz crossover stylings within her urban soulful passion and majestic instrumentals. Of British and Sri Lankan heritage, Siva defined her love for the piano and influential direction of David Benoit, George Michael, Seal, and Sting. She studied classical piano early on and at seven years old earned a full-ride scholarship to the Chethams School of Music. During her teens, she perfected her skills as a classical musician, frolicking with the aesthetics of hip-hop, folk, rock & roll, and world music alongside her love for jazz and in turn, Siva found herself shifting between musical genres; she played in a heavy metal band while living in Australia. In 1992, Siva moved to New York City for another musical pursuit and four years later her debut Rhythm of the Voices was released. A second effort, Identity, was issued in early 2000. Two years later, Siva joined Benoit once again for a third album. Masquerade, which was slated for an October 2002 release on Siva's Genie imprint, molded her newfound appreciation for worldbeat music with electronic aesthetics. MacKenzie Wilson

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