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Not to be confused with the '70s Italian prog-rock group of the same name, PFM were the source of some of the most popular ambient/intelligent jungle tunes -- including "One and Only" and "For All of Us" -- during the style's 1995-96 heyday. Pairing hard, rolling amen breaks with warm, fizzing analog melodies and lysergic atmospherics, PFM's best material sits next to early Photek, Peshay, Source Direct, and LTJ Bukem tracks such as "Dolphin Tune," "Stone Killer," and "Music" as spearheading a more listener-friendly style of drum'n'bass, one which has since attracted the widest audience of jungle's many offshoots. The duo of Mike Bolton and Jamie Saker, PFM (longform: Progressive Future Music) were among the earliest artists associated with LTJ Bukem's Good Looking/Looking Good labels, releasing such early tracks such as "Wash Over Me" and "The Western Tune" to great acclaim and helping to solidy the now-prevailing label's characteristic sound. The duo released a few more singles in 1996 before dissolving their relationship with Good Looking in 1997. However, after the release of 1999's Arrival on Session Group, they returned to Good Looking for an EP that also featured Alaska, Paradox and Cedar. Producer 02 followed in spring 2002. Sean Cooper

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