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The Soup Dragons

Glasgow's Soup Dragons began as a Buzzcocks-styled punk-pop band and gradually moved into an indie-rock/dance fusion. Centered around singer/guitarist/songwriter Sean Dickson, the band also contained guitarist Jim McCulloch, bassist Sushil Dade, and drummer Ross Sinclair; Dickson and McCulloch had also played in a group called the BMX Bandits. The Soup Dragons took their name from characters on a children's television show and caught the attention of former Wham! manager Jazz Summers, who helped them get a record deal. Their debut EP, Hang-Ten, and first full-length album, This Is Our Art, didn't make much of a splash, but Lovegod, with its U.K. hit single "Mother Universe," established the band as a force. 1992's Hotwired produced the American hit "Divine Thing," but two years later, Dickson was the group's only remaining member. He has released two albums, without matching prior success. Steve Huey

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