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Hand-picked by veteran R&B artist Micheal Bivins, the three members of the Transitions represent a classic '70s soul sound for the next century. The trio all came to Bivins in hopes of a solo contract, but the producer had other plans, bringing their talents together: Charles "Gator" Moore (from Detroit), Rashawn Worthen (from Harlem), and Balewa Muhammed (from Tampa). Bivins initially compared them to a youthful Tempations in early press releases, continually stressing the trio's classic soul approach. But the Transitions aren't merely a retro act; their music may incorporate a '70s {soul aesthetic, but the trio also instill a considerable amount of contemporary themes into their songs. Back in da Day, their debut album, is modeled as a soundtrack to a film of the same name written by Bivens about life in the ghetto, good times and bad. Jason Birchmeier

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