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Chris Lee

During the early '90s, North Carolinian indie rock singer/songwriter/writer Chris Lee was a member of the alt-country group Pine State Boys and a contributor to the zine Tuba Frenzy. After he moved to Brooklyn, he formed Mishagas, a folk/improv band, and wrote for the Wire and Spin. At this point Lee was also writing more heartfelt pop songs that didn't fit the context of Mishagas; with a few solo shows under his belt, he recorded his self-titled debut album with Home bassist Brad Truax and the Gold Sparkle Band's drummer, Andrew Barker. Misra Records released Chris Lee in mid-2000. Plays and Sings Torch'd Songs, Charivari Hymns and Oriki Blue appeared in spring 2001. ~ Heather Phares , All Music Guide

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