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Nick Rolfe

I was born in London in 1958 and attended private schools in Surrey from the ages of 5 through 18. My interest in music began in my first year at boarding school when we had loads of free time to kill especially at weekends. Like most of my friends I was into Zepp/Tull/Yes/Tull/Tangs/ELP/Floyd/Who/Free/Genesis and Mike Oldfield. My introduction to new age music began when UK DJ John Peel played one whole side of the then new Tangerine Dream LP Phaedra, from then on my interest in both the genre and the band grew rapidly. After leaving school I had already amassed a large collection of albums. I studied at Oxford University for my teaching diploma and upon graduating taught at a large Preparatory School 50 miles south of London. In 1985 I was promoted to become the Head of Geography/Sports at a school just outside Rugby in the Midlands. I started collecting cd's in early 1985 and in August I had emigrated to the USA, where I lived and worked in NYC. My first job was at Tower Records at 66th Street and Broadway, followed by stints at the Village Location at 4th and Broadway. I was then transfered to the new Tower store on the upper east side at 86th and 3rd ave, to be one of the main store buyers and supervisors. Apart from the new age department I also bought music for Blues/Folk/Country areas. Whilst at Tower I was able to meet and talk to the following: Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Bob Weir, Meatloaf, Squeeze, Joe Jackson, Quincy Jones, Neville Brothers, Laurie Anderson, Andreas Vollenweider and many others! In Fen 1994 I moved to NJ to become the Music Librarian for the Leonia Public Library and in Oct 1996 moved the Fort Myers, Florida to take a position at the brand new South County Regional Library located in Estero. (8 Miles South of Ft. Myers) I am still very interested in musicand subscribe to the following music publications Mojo/Q/ Ice Magazine/ Rolling Stone and Goldmine. I currently have about 2500 cd's and about 150 music books (Bios, reference stuff, chartbooks etc. . ) As well the artists mentioned at the beginning I also like Steve Roach/Robert Rich/Eno/Klaus Schulze/Stomu Yamashta/Jean Michel Jarre/Vangelis and a host of other new age artists. I am not adversed to some jazz and classical now and then! Desert Island Picks

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