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Soul Coughing

Soul Coughing was founded by former New York City music critic Mike Doughty, who also worked at the famed avant-garde jazz club the Knitting Factory. Described by Doughty as "deep slacker jazz," Soul Coughing's music combines Doughty's stream-of-consciousness lyrical fragments, the jazz grooves of upright bassist and drummer Sebastian Steinberg and Yuval Gabay, and the various contributions of sampling guru Mark de Gil Antoni. Steinberg and Gabay were veterans of both New York's avant-garde and hip-hop underground scenes. Their debut album, Ruby Vroom, was released in 1994; Irresistible Bliss followed two years later, and in 1998 the group resurfaced with El Oso. Soul Coughing decided to call it quits in March of 2000, with M. Doughty pursuing a solo career. DiGliAntoni has a band called Horse Tricks and does film scores, and Steinberg and Gabay continue working together as a drums and bass duo called UV Ray. Steve Huey

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