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The Riverboat Gamblers

The Riverboat Gamblers rocked their way out of the university town of Denton, Texas in September 2001 with the "Jenna is a No Show" 7." It's unclear how the vinyl sliver was able to effectively harness the sonic fury that the Gamblers' legendary UNT house party live act had become; nevertheless, an instant classic was born. A Tim Kerr-produced, eponymous LP followed on Vile Beat; it poured a pint of whiskey on an already raging rock & roll fire. Led by the whooping vocals of Teko (Mike Weibe), the band also featured guitarists Freddy (Fadi El-Assad) and Colinambulance (Colin James), bassist Spider (Pat Lillard), and drummer Jesse 3X (Jesse Hamilton). Like their peers in the Catheters and Tight Bros from Way Back When, The Riverboat Gamblers reveled in flailing 1970s cock rock, and cared little for subtlety. Despite rabid major label interest (in part derived from a typically incendiary set at the 2003 South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX), The band signed with rawking indie powerhouse Gearhead, who quickly issued the Something to Crow About LP in June 2003. Extensive touring commenced in summer of that year. ~ Johnny Loftus, All Music Guide

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