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Founding their themes upon an effervescent punk-pop formula, combining catchy rhythms and sharp melodies, and revealing influences coming from bands like Green Day and Weezer, the Punchline brings forward distinctive tunes to the alternative rock scene. Established in Pittsburgh, PA, in July of 1997, the Punchline counts on with a lineup consisting of Paul Menotiades (guitar, vocals), Steve Soboslai (guitar, vocals), Chris Fafalios (bass, vocals), and P.J. Caruso (drums). From the beginning of its operations, the band managed to consistently build a loyal and agitated fan base, mostly due to their rousing live performances. Only one year after forming, the crew entered the studio and a few months later self-released How to Get Kicked Out of the Mall, their first record. In 1999, and again by their own initiative, the Punchline issued its second disc, the self-titled Punchline. Following two years of wild shows all across the U.S., the band recorded Major Motion Picture, their second album, with production credits divided with Billy Rossi. After yet another season with an extended live-show agenda, the PA crew offered the EP Rewind in 2002. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges, All Music Guide

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