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Phunk Junkeez

The alterna-funk outfit Phunk Junkeez is a five-piece (singer Soulman, guitarist Jeff O'Rourke, bassist Jumbo Jim, drummer Disko Danny D, and vocalist/turntable spinner DJ Roachclip), and sounds remarkably similar to such present day chart toppers 311, Sugar Ray, and others. The band came together in 1991 around the Arizona area, combining funk, hip-hop, and hard rock. After the release of their self-titled independent debut, Trauma Records signed the band and released Injected, which proved to be a slightly harder rocking affair than the 1st one. Soon after, the band recorded a spirited cover of KISS' anthemic "I Love It Loud" for the motion picture Tommy Boy, and toured for 2 years solid. Their 3rd release, Fear of a Wack Planet, appeared in the summer of 1998, and seemed much more comparable musically to the bands listed above. The Junk EP was released in 1999, the same year Jeff O'Rourke was replaced by Danny P) ; Sex Drugs & Rap 'N Roll surfaced in early 2001 with Money Mike on drums, followed by Rock It Science in 2003. Greg Prato

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