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The Last Kind

The Los Angeles-based hip-hop group the Last Kind represent the ideology of most underground, independent acts. The group has been together since 1990 and was the creative production of Maja Clout and Derek Strong. In 1992, Marce-Fly joined the group with R-Diggy and Prop climbing on board in 1995 to finalize the lineup. The group was solid in their belief against joining sides with major record labels, as they felt it could potentially jeopardize their creativity. To expose their material, they made homemade tapes and sold them at shows and at record stores who supported local talent. The Last Kind's persistent efforts resulted in a huge local following and small, national fan base. In early 2000, the Last Kind signed a deal with the small label, Stray Records, who the group felt best represented and understood them. In August of 2001, the group came out of indie-seclusion with the full-length album Cloze Up Shop. ~ Diana Potts, All Music Guide

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