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Hangmen 3

Hangmen 3, a production team hailing from Boston, consists of Ray Benzino, Jeff Two Times, and Johnny Bananas. Having worked with Prodigy (Mobb Deep), Kurupt, and The Outlawz, this hip-hop trio focus on their surrounding street life and use this ammunition to power their funkadelic breakbeats and the hardcore rhyming of the Wiseguys (WG). What was once a group of a dozen opposing street thugs, the Wiseguys started in 1995 and signed to Def Jam two years following, resulting in the gangsta-driven debut album Destiny and Immaturity. In mid-2000, Hangmen 3 released No Skits Vol. 1, a bombastic compilation featuring material from the Wiseguys -- Mann Terror, Masta Criminal, Big Roscoe, M3, and Tangg da Juice. MacKenzie Wilson

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