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The Sucka MCs

Representing Iowa City -- a small urban center tucked deep in the middle of the Midwest, about as far away from the coasts as you can get -- the Sucka MCs make rap music that is fittingly about as far away from traditional rap as you can get. The collective of Midwestern white boys with goofy names like Coolzey, Dr. Don, the Warden, the Worm, and DJ Damn Them Balls Are Tasty make hip-hop music, but they take a much different approach than most hip-hop artists, emphasizing light-hearted comedy above all. The collective debuted in 1997 with their Steppin' in Shit album, which didn't break out of the Midwest. Five years later, the Sucka MCs returned with another album (Da Album), a record deal with Ace Fu, and a publicity deal with Midnight Feeding in Brooklyn. Jason Birchmeier

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