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Sir Mix-A-Lot

Sir Mix-A-Lot put Seattle on the rap map in the late '80s with catchy, comedic dramas drenched in B-boy culture and punctuated by his whiny vocals. Sir Mix-A-Lot vaulted into the spotlight and into controversy with the single "Baby Got Back." Not only was it an enormous pop and R&B hit, it triggered a backlash against what was widely viewed as both sexist and racist lyrics from Mix-A-Lot, in his celebration of rear ends and put down of women who lacked them. It helped make the Mack Daddy album one of 1992's biggest, although 1994's Chief Booty Knocka and 1996's Return of the Bumpasaurus failed to match its success. In 2000, Rhino released an 18-track best-of titled Beepers, Benzos & Booty: The Best of Sir Mix-A-Lot. John Floyd

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