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Blade Runner - The Director's Cut
Length:124 min
Country:Great Britian
Cast:Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Daryl Hannah.
Credits:Directed by Ridley Scott. Music by Vangelis. (VHS of the Directot's Cut available only in the Letterboxed format)
Awards:National Film Preservation Board, USANational Film Registry (1993)

Though not a big critical success at the time of its initial release, Blade Runner has come to gain a loyal cult following. The originally distributed film features voice-over narration and a relatively upbeat ending, neither of which are found on the special 117-minute director's cut version (released in 1993) that also contains the addition of a few brief new scenes. The year is 2019 and the setting Los Angeles. Mist enshrouded and crowded with mammoth, brooding buildings built upon the rubble of the original city, it is a grim, derelict place, a seething cesspool of humanity. The few left are unwilling or unable to leave Earth and travel to the supposedly idyllic new space colonies where the scut work is done by cyborgs called replicants. On one such colony, the cyborgs have become self-aware and developed an unwanted instinct for survival. They launch a rebellion, steal a ship and head back to Earth where they plan to reprogram themselves so they can live longer than their allotted three years. The story centers on Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) a hard-boiled detective who specializes in killing the rebellious replicants. He is called a blade runner and is hired to seek and destroy four replicants recently reported in the Los Angeles area.

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