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Roger McGuinn

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: Pop-Rock

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It would be difficult to overestimate ROGER McGUINN's contribution to the richness and diversity of modern music. In a career that has stretched over three decades, this astonishingly creative singer/songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist has anticipated and directed some of the most significant advanaces in the art of rock and roll. An artist consistenly ahead of his time, ROGER McGUINN has to his credit some of the most exciting and innovative sounds in the pop lexicon - folk rock, country rock and a streamlined, jet-like music entirely his own.

ROGER McGUINN is most frequently associated with the pioneering sixties rock ensemble The Byrds, a band he both founded and fronted. It was The Byrds who almost single-handedly invented the airy, soaring sound of Southern California during that decade. The folk rock of The Byrds, fueled by McGUINN's electric twelve string guitar, not only ushered in a new age of studio technology, but created a powerful synthesis of modern rock and established folk traditions.

The Byrd's nine year career birthed far more than the folk rock revolution. Classics like, "Mr. Tambourine Man," and "Turn Turn Turn," both number one records around the world, yielded to the majestic, awesome "Eight Miles High." That 1966 release, "Sweetheart of the The Rodeo," combined country music with rock and roll and prefigured the tremendous success of the nineties most popular music form, "country rock." And behind each advance and every innovation was the steady creative energy of ROGER McGUINN.
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