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Dragon Inn
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Length:1 Hour 43 Minutes
Cast: Shang-kuan, Long-feng, Shih Chuin
Credits:Directed by: King Hu

In the year 1457 AD (the middle Ming dynasty), the court eunuchs have master-minded corruption and extortion throughout the imperial kingdom. In order to ensure their control, the eunuchs falsely accuse Yu Chin, an honorable official, of treason.

As punishment for this crime, Yu Chin is executed and his children are exiled to Dragon Gate, a remote area in northern China. While Yu's children and their servants make the arduous journey to the inn, Yu's enemies in the imperial court are plotting their assassination.

Influenced by mainstream Hong-Kong martial arts films, director Hu also incorporates his own sense of pacing and cinematography, using lyrical film language and painterly composition of the scenery to create the sense of an epic journey.

(Chinese with English Subtitles, color, 35mm)

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