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Goodbye Darling
Cast:Chang Mei-yao, Ko Chun-huiung, Hang Su

The film starts and concludes with the ingenuous moral: "People like Ah-lang are a thing of the past, just like pedicabs and illegal buildings." In this vein, the film tries not to indulge Ah-lang with even a single redeeming quality, and yet he is a compelling figure. Unconsciously, the film fashions him into a symbol of blind, frustrated protest against a society where he has no place. In his obstinate truculence lies a certain dignity - the dignity of a wild beast. The sweaty realism of the film's visual images stands in such sharp contrast to its evidently phony premises and moral that one suspects it is being deliberately subversive. "Society is progressing," we are told, but the images are those of squalor and hopelessness

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