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One of Herzog's most accessible films, Stoszek is a lyrical, melancholy, bitterly funny tale of three oddly-assorted Berlin misfits who follow the American Dream to Wisconsin and find a bleak Eldorado of TV, football, CB radio, truck stops and mobile homesteading. The title role is played by Bruno S., with Eva Mattes as a soulful whore and Clemens Scheitz as an eccentric old man conducting a homemade search for the secrets of animal magnetism." ...Because Herzog has one of the most original imaginations of anyone now making movies, Stroszek is a haunting and hilarious ballad at the same time, an almost unbelieveable mixture of lunacy, comedy, tragedy, and the simply human' (Roger Ebert).

Bruno S., Eva Mattes, Clemens Scheitz (German with English subtitles, color, 35mm)

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