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A Diary for Timothy/Night and Fog

A Diary For Timothy:
Scripted by E. M. Forster, this film is a picture of life in Britain during the final year of World War II. The film focuses both on the personal lives of various representative characters and on a wider wartime context, all in the form of a diary covering the first year of a baby's life. The film carries the associative style of Jenning's other documentaries, and its highly formal organization and associative montage produce a powerful emotional impact.

Directed by Humphrey Jennings
(bw, 16mm)

Night and Fog:
Nuit et brouillard
Conceived as a cry of protest against the Nazi concentration camps and the war, this is a moving compilation of black and white archival footage of the camps years after. Resnais finds an exceptional balance between his modernist concern with cinematic representation, and his desire to create a moving political document. The commentary is by camp survivor Jean Cayrol; the renowned musical score is by Hans Eisler.

Directed by Alain Resnais
(French with English subtitles, bw and color, 16mm)

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