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Holy Week
Cast:Beata Fundalej and Wojciech Malajka
Credits:Directed by Andrezj Wadja.

HOLY WEEK is set against the backdrop of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising of 1943, when the Jews rebelled in armed struggle to resist deportation to the concentration camps. Irena, a young Jewish girl fleeing the nightmare of the ghetto, takes refuge in the apartment of a former boyfriend, now married and living in the Warsaw suburbs.

"With HOLY WEEK, Wadja details to the conflicting feelings of a cross-section of Polish society as it struggles to come to terms witha terrible dilemma. ...What makes the film so effective is his reduction of the issue to one of everyday people involved in everyday life. The larger implications lie beyond the borders of the apartment block where Irena takes refuge, a reality brought home with frightening power." - The Toronto Film Festival Catalog

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