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The Summer of Aviya

The Boston Jewish Film Festival
For the eighth consecutive year the MFA hosts The Boston Jewish Film Festival. In addition to the evening programs on Thursdays Nov. 7 (opening night) and Nov. 14, there will be three daytime programs on Sunday Nov. 10.

Single Tickets: $7, $8 except Opening Night film and reception, $15, $18; Festival Pass: $100.

The Summer of Aviya by Eli Cohen, written by and starring Gila Almagor (1989, 96 min). The hit of the first Boston Jewish Film Festival, this film is based on the autobiography of leading Israeli actress Gila Almagor, who is also the film's writer, producer and star. Set in the newly formed state of Israel, the story follows ten-year-old Aviya, who has lived in orphanages most of her life. Aviya's mother, a brave World War II partisan and concentration camp survivor, walks the thin line between sanity and madness. Introduced by Gila Almogor. $4, $8.

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