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Witch City

Witch City by Joe Cultrera and Henry Ferrini (1996-58 min., videotape). Told from th eperspective of a returning native. Witch City is an uncompromising docimentary about Salem, a town that put the phrase "Witch hunt" in the AMerican vocabulary and a place where today a Disneyesque version of history serves the purpose of both commercial and religious promotion. Filmmaker Joseph Cultrera returns to his hometown to find a place where the historical facts are sensationalized for the benefit of T-shirt hawkers and wax museum owners. New Age wiccans (witches) make pilgrimage to Salem, and fundamental Christians use street theatre to wage a fire and brimstone war against them. Witch City is a coutionary tale about the consequences of manipulating historical facts for present-day gains. Ciltera and Ferrini will introduce the film.

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