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Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left For The East?

(1989) dir Bae Yong-Kyun w/ YiPan-Yong, Sin Won-Sop, Huang Hae-Jin
Cited as "one of the 10 Best Films of All Time" (Sight & Sound), and hailed as a film "shining with beauty and profound of the year's best films" (Jay Carr, the Boston Globe), BODHI-DHARMA makes a long-anticipated return to the Brattle's screen. Why did the Indian monk Bodhi-Dharma, the originator of Zen Buddhism, leave home for China and the far Orient? The title is a Zen Koan - an enlightenment. Depicting a world of astonishing beauty, BODHI-DHARMA examines the physical and spiritual struggles of an old master, his young disciple and an orphaned bot in a remote monatery in the mountains of Korea.

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