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Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe
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Length:1 Hour 40 Minutes
Cast:Tsuyoshi Ihara and Akira Onodera
Credits:Directed by Shusuke Kaneko.

Synopsis: In the tradition of Japanese monster movies comes this wild live-action tale of a secret maritime expedition carrying radioactive plutonium which goes awry. When the carrier transporting the plutonium runs aground, the radiation leakage reawakens the legendary Gamera and the adversarial Gyaos birds resurface (after having been snacking on civilians on an isolated island). Gamera must save Tokyo from a tragic fate.

A sleeper hit in Japan and an unexpected box office rival to the latest "Godzilla" flick, this is a rare opportunity to see full-scale digital special effects which, some argue, surpass even Spielberg.

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