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Cast:Eddie Vadder, and Gus Huffer
Credits:Directed by Doug Pray.

Synopsis: Doug Pray's wry look at the hyperbolic rise of Seattle grunge chic. It's not necessary to share this documentary's taste for head-banging music, which it indulges with an exuberant array of concert clips, to appreciate its bemused, articulate interviewees and its larger wit.

In Mr. Pray's gimlet-eyed view, the spontaneous energy of Seatle's garage-band excitement in the late 1980's was caught, packaged and exploited by smart young entrepreneurs who destroyed its independence. And, in the words of one knowing speaker here, what did you expect?

As he links the marketing of a Seatle scene with similar feeding frenzies in Liverpool and San Francisco, Mr. Pray offers a fond chronology of Seattle's many interconnected bands. Groups intervewed here, from the wildly successful to the relatively obscure, offer happy accounts of their early days.