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The Sixth Sun: Mayan Uprising In Chiapas
Length:60 min
Credits:Directed by Saul Landau. Co-produced and photographed by Haskell Wexler.

Synopsis: On New Year's Day, 1994, masked Mayan Indians invaded the town of San Cristobal and declared war on the government of Mexico. Calling themselves the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, these crudely armed peasants set in motion events that ripped away a modern facade of prosperity and stability to reveal "the other Mexico."

Visually interweaving the Mayan past with contemporary reality, THE SIXTH SUN portrays an epic confrontation pitting impoverished peasants against large landowners and government forces in Mexico's poorest state. The film raises global questions as to what is to be judged expendable in the rush to economic integration - whether the destruction of whole peoples and cultures that have survived over centuries is simply to be accepted as the price of "progress."

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