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The Flying Saucer
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Length:1 Hour 15 Minutes
Cast:Mikel Conrad, Mikel Conrad, Pat Garrison, Hanz von Teuffen

Striking while the iron was hot, actor/producer Mikel Conrad registered the title The Flying Saucer for copyright not long after UFOs were allegedly spotted in Washington State. Filmed on location in Alaska, Flying Saucer stars Conrad (who also co-wrote) as a secret agent, dispatched by the government to find out whether or not the UFO reports constitute a threat against American defenses. He goes on a "pub crawl" in Alaska, looking for eyewitnesses to the flying-saucer phenomenon. After a series of slow-moving complications, the agent rounds up a group of Russian spies who've been using the saucer for evil purposes. A major disappointment considering its potential, Flying Saucer at least boasts superb photography of Alaska's glacier regions. Hal Erickson

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