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My Love Has Been Burning
Cast:Kinuyo Tanaka, Khiro Sugai, and Mitsuko Mito
Credits:Directed by Kenji Mizoguchi (Japanese w/English subtitles, bw, 35mm)

Synopsis: Known for the prophetic and amazingly militant feminism of its subject, My Love Has Been Burning is Mizoguchi's nist ardent comment on the social conditions engendering injustice and inquality. Set in the 1880s, a crucial period in the modernization of Japan, the film embodies the era's conflicts in the struggles of a determined young woman who breaks with her traditional family, goes to Tokyo and becomes involved in liberal politics. In his characteristic style of the immediate postwar period, Mizoguchi creates a living fresco in which dense, dark and emotionally charged images are extaposed against a lucid theme.

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