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The Death Of Empedocles
Credits:Directed by Jean-Marie Straub and Daniele Huillet (German w/English Subtitles, color, 35mm)

Synopsis: In the 5th Century, B.C., in the Sicilian city of Akragas, Empedocles, a poet, doctor, philosopher, polotician, and visionary, took his own life by throwing himself into the Etna volcano. In the late 18th Century A.D., not long after the French Revolution, a Frankfurt poet named Holderlin began writing a tragic play about Empedocles. After working on three seperate versions. he laid the manuscripts aside and never finished them. The film follows the two acts of Holderlin's first draft, in which Empedocles' disciple, Pausanias, helps to end the rule of evil preists, but his master refuses to express free will and to pave the way fora revolutionary renewal of life.

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