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Shinjuku Boys
Country:Great Britain
Credits:Directed by Kim Longinotto and Jano Williams. (Japanese w/English subtitles), color, 16mm)

Synopsis: From the makers of Dream Girls, Shinjuku Boys introduces three annabes who work as hosts at the New Marilyn Club in Tokyo. Annabes are women who live as men and have girlfriends, although they dont usually identify as lesbiens. As the film follows them at home and on the job, all three talk frakly to the camera about their gender-bending lives, revealing their views about women, ses, trasvestitism, and lesbianism. Alternating with these illuminating interviews, are fabulous sequences shot inside the Club, patronized by almost exclusively heterosexual women who have become disappointed with real men. This sis a remarkable documentary about the complexity of female secuality in japan today.

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