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Double Team
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Length:91 min
Cast:Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dennis Rodman, Mickey Rourke
Credits:Directed by Tsui Hark, Produced by Moshe Diamant

Synopsis: Though he's the nation's top counter-terrorist, Jack Quinn (Jean-Claude Van Damme) wants to get out of the spy game. But on the eve of his final mission, he misses his target - the dangerous, enigmatic terrorist Stavros (Mickey Rourke) - and looses everything in a split second. Quinn wakes up in the Colony, a think tank for spies who are too dangerous to roam the world, but too valuable to be killed.

Now, his wife and unborn son have become the target of Stavro's lethal vengance and there's only one man who can help put Quinn back in the game.

With a flair of destruction and an affinity for trouble, the flamboyant but no less deadly weapons dealer Yaz (Dennis Rodman) may be Quinn's last hope.

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