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Whispering Pages
Cast:Aleksandr Cherednik, Elizaveta Korolljova, Sergi Barkowvskii
Credits:Directed by Alesakdr Sokurob (color/bw, 35mm)

Aleksandr Sokurov's Whispering Pages is a hallucinatory journey into the darkness of the Russian soul, based on images and motifs from Dostoevsky, Gogol, and other Russian literary giants. Set in the lower depths of a dream-like, decaying 19th century city, the film has a peripatetic Raskolnikov-like murder and a "holy whore" character, but any glints of a narrative are soon buried in the existential dust of Sokurov's eerie environment. Long likended to Tarovsky, Sokurov finally emerges from the master's shadow with this spectral, visionary masterpiece that does not have a U.S. distributor, and probably never will.

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