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When The Cat's Away

Young and hip, Chloe has a cool job as a makeup artist, but her boss is out to lunch. Her love life isn't happening, and since she can't even get her roommate to watch her cat while she goes on vacation, she leaves her precious Gris-Gris in the care of an eccentric old woman. When she returns, she finds the cat has disappeared. Aided by a cadre of senior citizens, who attack the problem of the missing cat with an enthusiasm not seen since D-Day, Choe encounters a myriad of denizens in the area that she would never have otherwise met. With the help of an exuberant cast, many of whom are non-professionals, director Cedric Klapisch lets his camera wander in unexpected directions as we discover how disparate human elements of a neighborhood come together to form a community.

"Refreshingly lighthanded . . . A charmingly bittersweet film" - Boston Globe

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