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A Mongolian Tale
Cast:Tengger, Naranhua, Dalarsurong
Credits:Directed by Xie Fei

From the director of the stunning The Women From the Lake of Scented Souls this latest cinematic gem from China - a tenderly-told tale of love and longing set amidst breathtaking panoramas of the vast Mangolian steppes. The film is a portrait of two cultures in transition - a heartfelt story about a Chinese boy, Beiyinpalica, and a Mongolian girl, Someyer, raised together by a kind foster grandmother, Nai-Nai. Throughout various stages in time they are seperated and brought back together only to find out that, despite the different directions that their respective lives take, their deep-felt love for one another is everlasting. Based on the popular 1982 novel Black Steed, director Xie describes the story as representative of the moral conflicts between ancient tradition and contemporary life. Xie has won numerous awards for his films and is rapidly gaining recognition as one of the most important filmakers emerging from China.

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