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Die Hard With a Vengance
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Length:128 min
Cast:Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Irons
Credits:Directed by John McTiernan. Produced by John McTiernan & Michael Tadross. Co-Produced by Carmine Zozzora. Executive Producers, Buzz Feitshans, Robert Lawrence & Andrew G. Vajna. Music & Lyrics by Michael Kamen. Written by Jonathan Hensleigh. Cinematography by Peter Menzies, JR. Edited by John Wright. Art Direction by John R. Jensen & Woods Mackintosh. Costumes by Joseph G. Aulisi & Carl Goldstein. Casting by Pat McCorkle. Stunts by Terry Jackson & Terry J. Leonard.

This is the third entry in the "Die Hard" series of actioners. Here, maverick cop John McClane and Harlem shopkeeper Zeus with whom John continually bickers, find themselves entangled with Simon, the terrorist brother of their late nemesis Hans Gruber. The trouble begins when Simon blows up a department store. Suddenly the same police force that suspended McClane, who has become impoverished and living in an alcoholic haze, desperately wants him to come back and solve the crime. He takes the assignment and along the way meets Zeus. Now the two, when not accusing each other of racism, must find a subway bomb before it explodes. But unfortunately, the nefarious Simon continues to plant bombs as fast as the heroes can find them.

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