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Length:2 Hours 10 Minutes
Cast:Pierce Brosnan, Sean Bean, Izabella Scorupco, Famke Janseen, Joe Don Baker.
Credits:Directed by Martin Campbell. Produced by Harry Saltzman & Albert R. Broccoli. Title song composed by Bono and performed by Tina Turner. (VHS has been digitaly remastered by THX and is available in both Letterboxed and Pan & Scan formats)

After an eight-year absence from the screen, the world's most famous secret agent, James Bond, jumps into the '90s to fight foes in a post-Cold-War world. Critics generally agree that the newest Bond, Pierce Brosnan, is the perfect man for the job, injecting pizzazz, sex-appeal, and just a hint of dark ruthlessness to an 007 who a few years before seemed tired and flat. Combined with a lively script, much more savvy and feisty Bond girls, well-staged action sequences and a renewed focus on character over gadgetry, this espionage adventure is much closer to the spirit that made the original films such a rollicking good time. Making his debut as Bond, Brosnan has attempted to bring added realism to the character and even did all of his own stunts. The film begins with a riotous roller-coaster montage of solid action as 007 and 006 are trying to sneak into an enormous Soviet Union chemical-weapons facility located under a dam. They are discovered by the evil Gen. Ourumov. Bond makes an incredible, daring escape, but 006 is killed. Nine years pass until the present. The Cold War is over and Bond and beautiful Russian-mobster Xenia Onatopp race their sports cars upon a winding French road. She later steals a Stealth helicopter and returns to Russia where she and Ourumov take over a Space Weapons Control Station after murdering everyone there. They then arm an attack satellite and only one woman survives the ensuing destruction. Soon Bond gets a call from his boss, MI6, who is now a no-nonsense woman. She sends him to St. Petersburg to investigate. There he makes a surprising discovery as to who is really behind all the mayhem.

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