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Diary of a Seducer
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Cast:Ciara Mastroianni, Melvil Poupaud, Hubert Saint Macary, Mathieu Amalric
Credits:Directed by Daniele Dubroux

Featuring the captivating Chiara Mastrioanni (Ma Saison Preferee, Three Lives and Only One Death and daughter of Marcello and Catherine Deneuve), we are thrilled to bring the Boston area the premiere of this seductive new French sensation. Influenced by the work of 19th-century philosopher Kierkegaard, Diary of Seducer is a playful tale on the lives and loves of a group of people deeply affected by Kierkegaard's work. The film centers on the 20-year old Claire Conte, an unenthusiastic student of pyschoanalysis, who becomes inexplicably enraptured with a pholosophy student anmed Gregory after finding and reading his copy of Kierkegaard's text (also titled Diary of a Seducer). This begins a darkly comic series of events between a network of characters and a legendary book on romantic infuataion which exerts a strange and magical power over its readers.

"Call it Lcanian screwball. Daniele Dubroux's Diary of a Seducer makes Paris seem so alluring and mysterious as it did in all those eraly `60's New Wave films. The film owes something to Rivette and Ruiz, but it's less indulgent than the former and less heavy-handed than the later. Best of all, it manages to be delirious and sensible all at once...A buoyant film about the fatality of love, Diary of a Seducer turns gallows humor loose on romantic angst; one leaves the theatre feeling lighter than air." - Amy Taubin, Village Voice.

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