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The Day The Earth Stood Still
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Cast:Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe
Credits:Directed by: Robert Wise
Awards:Golden Globes
Best Film Promoting International Understanding (1952)
National Film Preservation Board, USA
National Film Registry (1955)

A flying saucer orbits the 1950s Earth. It lands in Washington, D.C. on the Mall. The lone occupant steps out and is shot by a jumpy soldier. Gort, a large and very powerful robot appears to save him. He is able to melt tanks with the slightest bit of his power. The wounded alien orders Gort to stop and is taken to a hospital from which he escapes in order to learn more about this planet, even moving in as a boarder with an Earth family. When they begin to suspect him, he reveals himself, along with the news that Gort will destroy the Earth if provoked.

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