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The Mandarin
Country:O Mandarim/Brazil
Cast:Fernando Eiras and Giulia Gam
Credits:Directed by Julio Bressane. (Portugese with English Subtitles. color/bw, 35mm)

A fictional musical about the history of popular Brazilian music since the first half of the century. Based on the life of the singer Mario Reis, one of the first vocal artists to be recorded and commercially distributed by the Brazilian music industry, the film explores Reis' mysterious life and special repertoire of Brazilian street music. Reis was the first popular singer to bring Rio's street music out of the city's shantytowns and into the attention of Brazil's middle class. The film's narrative is interspersed with appearances by important Brazilian singers and composers such as Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa, Edu Loba and Raphael Rabello, as well as comic actor Costinha. Rio's skyline and the seascapes of the Brazilian coastline serve as a sensual backdrop to many of these musicians' songs as Bressani uses surreal masks, reverse motion, sepia tone and black and white archival footage to capture the spirit of Rio's music. "Fans of Brazilian music will find The Mandarian simply irresistible." (variety)

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