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Haut - Bas - Fragile
Cast:Marianne Denicourt, Nathalie Richard, and Laurance Cote
Credits:Directed by Jacques Rivette. French w/English Subtitles

Three beautiful young women dance and romance their way through the enchanted sun-drenched streets, and gardens of Paris in the summertime. Although they start as strangers, their lives become connected with that of a mysterious artist, a set designer named Roland. Rivette effortlessly brings the lives of these characters together in a manner which does not seem contrived but relaxed and yet faithful. A whole hour of Haut/Bas/Fragile passes before the first song-and-dance number. During that hour, Rivette takes a lot of steps - in metaphysical, stylistic, musical, directorial, and choreographic terms - in tracking the passage between real life and musical numbers.

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