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Season of Monsters
Country:Szornyek evadja
Cast:Gyorgy Cserhalmi, Ferenc Kallai, amd Jozsef Madaras (Hungarian with English Subtitles, color, 35mm)

Widely recognized as one of the world's master filmmakers, Miklos Jancso possesses one of the most distinctive styles in cinema history, the choreographic hallmarks of which continue to evolve in increasingly complex ways. It is in recognition of the extraordinarily fluid, ornate, and highly stylized virtuosity of Jancso's use of the camera and of movement within (and around) the frame, which prompts the inclusion of Season of Monsters within the series. Admittingly difficult to absorb on a single viewing, the sheer dream-like construction of the film and visual audacity richly reward the open viewer. The film contains two story fragments in which Zoltai, an emigre professor who, after returning to Hungary commits suicide; the other story focuses on a bizarre birthmate, Bardocz, is called a a physician to the scene of the suicide; the other story focuses on a bizarre birth-day celebration which Bardocz attends. Jancso uses differing cinematic discourses, realistic and non-realistic respectively, to articulate the story fragments and presents a complicated, puzzling vision of impending doom.

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