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Mussorgsky's Boris Godunov
Country:Great Britain/USSR
Cast:Robert Lloyd, Olga Borodina Alexei Steblianko
Credits:Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky (color, video)

In 1984, shortly before making his last film The Sacrifice, Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky was invited to stage a production of Boris Godunov with the Kirov Opera to be performed at Covent Garden in London. Renowned for the combination of Pushkin's libretto Mussorgsky's powerful music, Boris Gudonov is regarded as a national treasure of the Russian people. By general consent, the hero of this opera IS the Russian people, out of whose language and customs and beliefs it was created. Collaborating with conductor Claudio Abbado, Tarkovsky and Abbado went back to Mussorgsky's own original orchestration. "If the filmmaker's vision, the vision of Andrei Rublev, is there in the sweep of ragged bodies onto and off the stage, so it is in the detail discovered, forcing the eye to attend to one or two people, as if in a close-up. The production is cinematic, too, in its use of flaskbacks - potentially awkward in the theater, but here introduced discreetly and precisely and pointfully." (The New Yorker)

This production was an artistic triumph when premiered in London.

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