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The Man Who Lies
Cast:Jean-Louis Trintignant, Sylvia Breal, Dominique Prado, Suzana Kocurikova
Credits:Directed by Alain Robbie-Grillit (French with English Subtitles, BW, 35mm)

Robbie-Grillet, an innovator in the world of film as much as modern fiction, went to Czechoslovakia in 1968 to make this film, which fulfills his own vision of cinema as pure visual experience. A stranger who claims to be a member of the wartime underground but may have been a fascist arrives in a town. He constantly re-invents his identity in order to gain entrance - and intimate acceptance - into a household of three beautiful women whose son, brother, and lover had perhaps never returned from the war. The Man Who Lies is like a filmic jigsaw puzzle which enlists the spectator's imagination in assembling the fragments supplied by Robbie-Grillet, but which also provides its own "solution" at the end. Jean-Louis Trintignant received the Best Actor award at the Berlin Film Festival for his performance in this film.

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