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Storm Over Asia
Cast:Valeri Inkizhinov, A. Dedinstev, V. Tzoppi, Paulina Belinskaya
Credits:Directed by V.I. Pudovkin

A film of great beauty, dynamic montage, humor, and compassion, it was banned in the UK for a number of years because the British were portrayed as evil oppressors. This was Pudovkin's last great silent film. Bair (Inkizhinov), a nomadic fur trapper who claims to be heir to Genghis Khan, is put at the head of a puppet monarchy by British forces occupying Mongolia in 1918. Realizing his national identity, he rallies his Mongol hordes against the unwelcome foreigners. A new version containing a sound track was released in 1950.

"Only through a formal and structural analysis of the great cinematic achievments, can one understand the specificity of film as a means of artistic expression." - Vlada Petric.

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