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Day of Wrath
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Cast:Thorkild Roose, Lisbeth Movina, Sigrid Neiiendam
Credits:Directed by Carl Dreyer. (Danish with English subtitles, bw, 35mm)

A film of great atmospheric intensity, visual beauty, and possibly Dreyer's most famous film, Day of Wrath ended the director's ten years of silence after Vampyr. The film premiered late in 1943 during the blackest period of the Nazi occupation of Denmark, and was seen by Danish audiences as an allegory for the German occupation. Two women in 17th century Denmark are accoused of witchcraft and tortured by the representatives of the church. Because of the allusions of Day of Wrath to the tyranny of the Nazi occupation, Dreyer fled to Sweden after the release of the film, where he stayed for the remainder of the war.

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