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The Harder They Come
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Length:1 Hour 44 Minutes
Cast:Jimmy Cliff, Carl Bradshaw, Janet Bartley, Ras Daniel Hartman
Credits:Directed by Perry Henzell.

The cult film that introduced reggae to American mass culture and made musician Jimmy Cliff a star! Celebrating its 25th anniversary, we could think of no better summer treat than to present this classic on the giant Coolidge screen. When the film first screened at the 1972 Venice Film Festival it was such an unusual entry that the filmmakers had to rent a theatre and market it themselves in order to get people to see it. Audiences were in awe of the first Jamaican-made film they ever saw - clearly influenced by American black exploitation flicks, but with a distinctive sensibility both stylistically and musically. Shortly thereafter, the film became an underground hit and the soundtrack became even bigger. The story of a young Jamaican singer who ironically reaches the top of the pop charts after becoming a murderer on the most-wanted list, the film's score boasts such legendary reggae hits as "Many Rivers to Cross" and" You Can Get It If You Really Want."

"See the movie-buy the album!" - Danny Peary, author of Guide for the Film Fanatic

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