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Germany Year Zero
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Cast:Roberto Rossellini, Edmund Meschke, Ernst Pittschau, Ingetraut Hintze
Credits:Directed by Roberto Rossellini (Geman w/English Subtitles. BW, 35mm).

The third panel of Rossellini's war triptych was, according to the director, "an attempt to discover the real reasons which had driven the Germans to act as they had done." The film is cast in the likeness of its young central character, Edmund, and the devastated city in which he lives. Rossellini conceived the film around the final scenes of Edmund wandering in the ruins, and this long final sequence marks the end of a narrative trajectory which begins in the mode of documentary' reportage but becomes ever more hallucinatory, charting a journey through a strange, devastated landscape. The director, carped one German critic, "isn't picking the flowers at the grave of a nation, he's vomiting into his coffin."

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