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The Niklashausen Journey
Cast:Michael Konig, Michel Gordon and Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Credits:Directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder (German with English Subtitles).

A mixture of contemporary and historical references, this Fassbinder creation is the key film of its period, akin to Godard's Weekend. The film incorporates quotations from Camillo Torres, the Black Panthers, the student movement, and Glauber Rocha's Antonio Das Mortes. Ostenisbly, the true story of a fifteenth-century social and religious uprising started by Hans Bohm, a would-be Messiah, Fassbinder decided during production that "we should really tell something that has to do with us. Isn't that much more important than the story of this Hans Bohm? (RWF) Fassbinder stars as the "black monk," a young leather-jacketed rebel.

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